What’s up next?

Lilac season is wrapping up in the Garden.  The last to bloom are the Preston Lilacs (developed by Isabella Preston in Ottawa in the 1930/40’s).  We have planted a number of these in our new collection and the last two blooming are “Donald Wyman” and “Minuet”.

2015-06-12 13.39.25There are two huge old unidentified lilacs that must be Prestons near the pond. One holds its blooms up higher than the cedar hedge that I never noticed it before!

2015-06-12 13.37.26

There is still one “dwarf” Korean Lilac (Miss Kim) blooming in the rock garden whose fragrance fills the area.


As you can see behind it, what’s up next is Iris Season!  We have Siberian Iris blooming in the Rock Garden and Bearded Iris blooming all over.


And we have both blue and yellow flag iris blooming in the pond.

2015-06-12 13.42.11

Looks like Nicky will have plenty of flowers to choose from for her demonstration at Garden Days next week … as long as she choses irises!




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