Spring rushing by

Spring was late and now it seems that summer is waiting in the wings.  The bloom times seem compressed as spring progresses.


The crabapple blossoms have come and gone and now the flowers are more subtle as we wait for the big blooms that come with the long, warm days of summer.  Our native woodland wildflowers are at their peak now before the forest floor is plunged into deep shade as the trees leaf out.  The columbine blooming on the rock close to the Ranger Cabin planted themselves there and a gardener couldn’t have chosen a better spot for them.


We have a shady nook that we call our “Green and White Garden” (all the famous English gardens have colour themed beds).  It is glorious these days with Solomon’s Seal arching gracefully over the fresh, clean green and white Hosta  and Tiarella in full bloom.




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