A Glorious day in the Garden

Today felt like summer! The sky was blue, the grass was green and the sun was shining on the daffodils.  Look at them all with their faces turned, basking in the warmth.


The Tower Hill Gardeners are back in full swing, meeting every Wednesday morning.  The last few weeks have been spent mostly raking and cleaning up perennial beds but today we dug in.  We weeded and added some perennials to the rock Garden at the base of the Tower and started cleaning out the pond.  We fished out leaves all morning and then repotted the water lilies into bigger planters so they will have more room to grow.  I’ll bet the folks who manufactured those doggy baths never imagined they would be used as planters.


The water is fairly warm and waterlilies and irises are putting on new growth.  There were goldfish avoiding the waders and we even spotted a tiny frog the size of a thumbnail.  We’re hoping the Town connects the water soon as this is not the most efficient way to water the new transplants.



This little magnolia that was donated last fall was the centre of attention this week.  Imagine what it will be like five years from now!




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